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EarthX 2018


Dallas, TX



To celebrate 2018's Earth Day, we set up a display for Dallas's annual EarthX event. EarthX is a festival celebrating our environmental vitality while highlighting scientific advancements, perspectives, and habits that work to keep our planet a healthy and sustainable place. For 2018, we brought our Geodesic dome, trampoline parklet, Mobility Parklet, and several other fun features to showcase the practice of mindful placemaking. This year, we also wanted to incorporate a sense of identity by celebrating our state with the Texas flag and a cut-out of our city's skyline. Overall, our demonstration was a hit, drawing people from all around Fair Park to test out our Mobility Parklet, jump on our trampolines, and learn more about placemaking initiatives. It was a joyful three-day of a weekend of demonstrations. We were we so pleased to be surrounded by fellow vendors and passersby working to make our world a little better. We are excited to continue showcasing our continued work at EarthX events in the future.

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