Using Design to Activate Spaces and Bring People Together


Better Block Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.

It all began when a group of neighbors asked themselves,                          

                         "What if we could do something about this?"

And the Better Block was born.

Better Block focuses on six major activities:

  • Develop open-source media to help cities, community groups, and emerging leaders create rapid prototyping in the service of creative placemaking and support of public life


  • Create opportunities for communities and their existing and emerging leaders to gain exposure to and training from urban planning experts, civic innovators and architects from around the world through global symposiums


  • Facilitate community engagement though input and information, employing charrettes, neighborhood meeting and workshops with residents, stakeholders and governments about the value of rapid prototyping to enhance public life


  • Host and organize study tours to benchmark successful examples of sustainable initiatives around the world


  • Create new and improve existing modeling tools though experimentation with innovative technologies and scientific solutions


  • Create mentorship programs for emerging leaders and young urbanists

Open Source

Our open-source model provides the opportunity for people to form their own placemaking coalitions and take back their public spaces. 


Block Transformations

After 90 to 120 days of collaboration and design, we fly out to guide communities in revitalizing entire blocks that were previously dangerous or underutilized.  



We work to put the power of placemaking back into neighbor's hands by communicating and demonstrating what is possible to people all around the world.



A monthly bulletin illustrating what goes on here at the Better Block. 

From painting abandoned lots into plazas to constructing giant cheeseboards, we hope this monthly glimpse at our progress will inspire and delight its readers. 


We perform a wide range of activities to further our mission each year. We organize full scale better block projects, put together smaller installations for various causes, host study tours, teach all ages about placemaking, and expand our Wikiblock Library continually. Our work is joyful and impactful. Contact us about project inquiries here

Because everyone deserves to feel proud of their neighborhood. And safe. And empowered to make change happen. 

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Get Behind Our Mission

Everyone deserves to be proud of the place they live in. Help us educate, equip, and empower others to reshape their built environments.