Dallas Slow Streets Pilot Program

Throughout COVID-19, vehicular traffic has reduced, while the need for spaces for people has increased. With the Dallas Slow Streets pilot program, we’re working to give neighborhoods a chance to slow down the streets in their communities by shutting them to thru traffic and opening them to activities such as walking, running, and bicycling while maintaining safe social distancing. 

The program is a pilot that will allow the low-traffic streets to be closed for 30 days during the COVID-19 pandemic, while staying open to local traffic and emergency vehicles. 


The pilot program was open to 10 neighborhoods in Dallas, and was on a first-come, first-approved basis. Applicants had to prove support of 25% of their neighbors, put together a design, and apply through the City of Dallas. Once approved, the Better Block Foundation provided them with the materials. 

A Look at the Dallas Slow Streets Program Impact

Dallas Slow Streets is in partnership with the City of Dallas, Better Block Foundation, Coalition for a New Dallas, BikeDFW, and Amanda Popken Development.

Dallas Slow Street Impact Report 1.png

Download the Impact Report

For a couple months, we had 10 Slow Streets up and running. During the course of the pilot, we asked the neighbors for their feedback and observations.


So now that the pilot is over, we're taking a look at lessons learned.


Download the Guide

This guide was intended to help neighbors through the design and implementation of their Dallas Slow Street, as well as how to best gather metrics from their project.