Better Block Guide for KCMO Neighborhood Open Streets Program

For the past few weeks, COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live our lives. We have all done our part to flatten the curve by staying home, wearing masks, and supporting our favorite local businesses from afar. Because of this, vehicular traffic on our major highways and local streets has greatly reduced. 

As neighbors, we have searched for ways to maintain a bit of normalcy, which includes one thing we’re allowed to do: exercise. This has caused a great increase in the usage of our community parks and trails. But a decrease in vehicular traffic on our streets, which were created to keep us moving. Due to COVID-19, many cities have started to rethink our streets to better support pedestrians, bicyclists, and scooterists.

And, a couple weeks ago, KCMO officially joined that growing list of cities with its Open Streets Program. Unlike most other cities, however, KCMO has taken it a step further with its Open Streets Neighborhood Permit, giving you the chance to transform your neighborhood streets. The Public Works department has streamlined the application process so you can easily sign up your community (after getting permission from your neighbors). 

In a first-of-its kind collaboration, KCMO Public Works, along with the Better Block Foundation, will provide a KCMO Neighborhood Open Streets guide, powered by Spin. 

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Download the Guide

This guide is intended to be used after you have secured a Neighborhood Open Streets permit from KCMO. It will guide you through design and implementation (and how to best gather metrics from your project).

Share Your Open Street


You can transform your street. Talk to your neighbors. Work up a design. And then apply at the link below.

Want to Apply for a KCMO Permit?