AIA UnderConestruction

Dallas, Texas

Working with Studio Outside, Aurora, and RSM Design, we explored what it would look like to allow the public to be a part of the construction process. Instead of just doing barricade fences, we wanted to create some texture.

Traffic Calming in Euclid

Cleveland, Ohio

With a team of volunteers, we worked to give the traffic-riddled downtown of Euclid a colorful facelift. The new streetscape featured planters and bike lanes to be tested for one month before applying lessons learned to a permanent installation.  

Copenhagen Learning Journey


Copenhagen is the mecca for good urban design. Therefore, in June, we partnered with Reimagining the Civic Commons and took two dozen people from Detroit, Akron, and Philadelphia to explore the city.

Slavic Village Better Block

Cleveland, Ohio

In surveys of the community during the kick-off for the project, community members listed gathering places as the biggest need in the community. So, for the Slavic Village Better Block, we took 65th Street, a side street off Fleet Avenue and re-imagined it as a lively, vibrant gathering place for the community.

White Flint Better Block

Montgomery County, Maryland

Approximately six months of design and planning culminated in a community built, public, green space in an underutilized grassy lot in the Randolph Hills Shopping Center. 

Hillside Better Block

Duluth, Minnesota

 Volunteers joined our team on-site in 30-degree weather to transform the area by building children’s play elements using our Wikiblock technique, installing tables, benches, string lights, and painting chalkboard signs for families to share ideas for the area.