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Meet FD19’s Bus Stop Builders: Crum Collaborative

Team Crum Collaborative is made up of brothers Rickey and Jeremy Crum. The two share a passion for creating things through both hands-on work and digital fabrication. They plan to apply their 10 years of experience to create a design that changes the paradigm of what a bus stop is while ensuring the elements are easily replicable.

Rickey Crum began working with digital fabrication in college. After, he worked on standardizing some of the systems within a creative production company he was employed at prior to exploring digital fabrication on a deeper level through projects with Better Block.

Jeremy Crum also works in a creative, production-based industry that sometimes involves digital fabrication. He is eager to expand his knowledge through FD19 and showcase what is possible within the parameters of the competition.

“It’s less about winning and more about creating a design that is white hot,” says Rickey, team leader of the duo. He describes Jeremy and himself as both visual thinkers, and this could give them an edge in the competition because it allows them to be innovative with their materials and to really harness the creative freedom offered by a CNC router.

By maximizing their use of the CNC router combined with their years of digital fabrication experience, Rickey and Jeremy want to create a bus stop that is centered on improving the user’s experience through versatility and visually appealing design. Ultimately, their bus stop is geared to find a balance between being easily replicable and highly personalizable for each passenger’s needs.

Join us on May 4 from 6-9 pm in front of the Better Block’s Dallas office (700 West Davis) to enjoy music and vendors while watching the designers’ ideas come to life.

FD19 is made possible by the following sponsors: Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects, Downwinders at Risk, OmniPlan, Craig Schenkel Properties, 3Headed Monster, and Oddfellows.


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