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Meet FD19’s Bus Stop Builders: Novaré Studio

Our sixth FD19 group is the Novaré Studio. Comprised of five former UTA students, Novaré Studio is combining varied backgrounds in architecture, civil engineering, and fine arts to create a unique bus stop design.

“Through digital fabrication, we make our ideas come to life, and this competition felt like the perfect fit,” says Stephanie Castellion, team leader of the group. Since 2017, Novaré Studio has used digital fabrication to create unique gifts and houseware products sold online and at flea markets in the Dallas area. The team says their business was founded on the group’s passion for problem solving, design, and making.

FD19 will require the team to work with digital fabrication on a much larger scale, but Novaré Studio is eager for the challenge if it means that their design abilities can be applied to bettering the community.

Novaré Studio considers bus stops important landmarks for commuters who travel via public transportation. The team was surprised when they visited actual bus stops in the Dallas area and realized how inadequate these designated gathering places were, offering little to no protection against the outdoors.

To address the lack of shade, possibility of being rained on, and concentrated presence of particulate matter, Novaré Studio is mixing a variety of materials and textures to create a new bus stop that lives up to the derivative of their Latin name: innovation.

“We believe that as long as we’re able to help change someone’s daily commute and make it a little more enjoyable through design, we would already have a small victory,” says Bethlehem Berhanu, team member of the group.

Join us on May 4 from 6-9 pm in front of the Better Block’s Dallas office (700 West Davis) to enjoy music and vendors while watching the designers’ ideas come to life.

FD19 is made possible by the following sponsors: Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects, Downwinders at Risk, OmniPlan, Craig Schenkel Properties, 3Headed Monster, and Oddfellows.


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