Dallas, TX



Our founder Jason Roberts and one of our favorite collaboratorsGray Garmon, went to lunch. They started talking about what would happen if the Better Block held a design competition. What if we gave people a tight budget ($250 with the ability to fundraise another $750), tight parameters (create a pavilion that has shade, seats, and lights and falls under the Wikiblock ethos), and an even tighter deadline (30 days)? The answer: FD17.

FD17 was Better Block’s first design competition. Conceived and implemented in six weeks, it was the typical fast-pace approach to answering a big question: how do we activate an empty field with beautiful structures?

Each team created a unique design that incorporated wood and other materials. All teams incorporated use of a CNC router (a computer-aided cutting machine). One design took 45 minutes to set up; others took a bit longer. Each had a unique approach to seating. And they all transformed from day to night.

VIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/cN3iYvSoDCw