Under Conestruction


Dallas, TX



Last year, we began partnering with OmniPlan on imagining the new space for AIA Dallas and the Dallas Center for Architecture. One of their goals was to break down the barriers between architects and the public. We’ve brainstormed various ways in which this can happen in their new space, but we didn’t want to wait until the construction was complete to start implementing some ideas.

So, working with Studio Outside, Aurora, and RSM Design, we explored what it would look like to allow the public to be a part of the construction process. Instead of just doing barricade fences, we wanted to create some texture. So, we tied together 3,200 traffic cones, and adhered them to the fence. By creating an installation that people could photograph, touch, and experience, we were able to invite them into the construction process (safely) rather than push them across the street.

LEARN MORE ABOUT COLLABORATIVE POP-UPS HERE: https://www.omniplan.com/tangent/2017/12/pop-up-parkitecture.html