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Macon Bike Lanes 2019


Macon, GA



We're back in Georgia tomorrow helping Bike Walk Macon and NewTown Macon kick off the second phase of their bike lane community initiative, Macon Connects: Walnut Street! Join us for tacos, conversation, and a workshop as we paint Macon's first ever green bike lane!

Bike Walk Macon, NewTown Macon, and The Better Block are co-hosting a special initiative in early November 2019 to promote and improve bikeability along Walnut Street extending from Rogers Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Over the years, the Better Block Foundation has been evolving from temporary to semi-permanent, and now, permanent. We still believe that erasing the fear of permanency is a powerful way to showcase what could be. But, sometimes, the people know what they want. During our second visit to Macon, Georgia, we officially installed our first permanent bike lane with the community and Bike Walk Macon. This event was the continuation of a placemaking project in 2016 where we worked with 8 80 Cities, NewTown Macon, and Bike Walk Macon to install experimental bike lanes across the city, encouraging community members to try out new types of transportation.

We’re grateful for every opportunity to work with you to create communities that are more walkable, bikeable, and liveable. This 2019 Macon project was funded by the Knight Cities Challenge grant and the Downtown Challenge grant from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.


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