EarthX 2019

For EarthX 2019, we brought our Geodesic dome, children's play elements, and casual outdoor seating to showcase how easy it is to create a pop-up community hub that caters to both adults who can lounge and their children who can be safely observed by their parents as they enjoy playing on our trampoline parklets, rockers, and seesaws. Our Geodesic dome is held together entirely by wooden grooves and gravity, with no nails, screws, glue, or tacks needed. Throughout the three days of demonstration, it attracted passersby, inviting them to take photographs and enjoy the space. any 

During the event, our team informed locals about our work at the Better Block and helped to spread awareness about the benefits and simplicity of placemaking done for and by the people who will benefit from it locally. Overall, it was a fun weekend full of children playing, questions answered, and conversations about how to make a better Earth for all. 

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