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Custom Parklets from Better Block

Working to expand outdoor space for restaurants, retail, and public space.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with several cities to create semi-permanent to permanent parklets to expand outdoor space. For the first time, many cities are launching parklet programs to help small businesses weather the COVID storm. With the parklets, in many cases, we're able to expand the occupancy rates by 25 to 50%.


Also, with our experience in creating parklets for a variety of uses, we have identified both common best practices as well as normal road-blocks.

For some cities, we have designed, fabricated, and installed the parklets; for others, we are creating the blueprints which business owners can then use to fabricate and install themselves.

Need a modular design that can be moved quickly? Need an awning? Need more space for seating or for tables? Or having issues maintaining ADA compliancy? No matter what you're looking for, we can help you achieve your goals.

Want to work with us on your parklet?


The Sketch


The Render


The Pieces


The Parklet


Leveling System

We have partnered with Place Fab, which designed a foot/bracket leveling system that allows us to lift the parklets so that storm water can flow easily. With the foot system, we're able to adjust the height of the parklet so that it's level, even when the street is not.


Want to work with us on your parklet?

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