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A Living Plaza for Dallas City Hall

The video is here!

“Ultimately, Holly White’s studies outline simple and inexpensive solutions that have a big impact on the creation of humane, active, and lively places. When you break it down, it’s all intuitive stuff like ‘bring chairs,’ ‘create shade,’ ‘add food,’ but we seem to overlook these time and again and pursue bigger ticket items that don’t have an impact on day to day life,”  Jason Roberts.

The living plaza project continues next week and into the summer thanks to dedicated City staff members. Check it out next Wednesday and for more details see the Dallas Observer article.

Ready to get involved in the next Team Better Block event? Join us June 23-26 as we remake Ross Avenue in 72 hours. All the info is here:

Donate to support teams for the challenge through the North Texas Congress for New Urbanism.


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