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Oak Farms Disc Golf Tournament


Dallas, TX



Prior to Oak Cliff Open, the Oak Farms site sat vacant for several years, collecting empty beer bottles and food wrappers along its edges. In the 1920s, the grassy corner of Jefferson and Colorado held a baseball stadium called Burnett Field, where minor league baseball teams, including the Texas Rangers, played until 1964. Next door to Burnett Field, the historic production plant called Oak Farms Dairy opened its doors in 1936 and produced milk primarily for 7-Eleven stores for several decades. In 2014, the factory zone and its surrounding property was purchased by a group of local developers called Cienda Partners.

Through a partnership with Tree Love Disc Golf, we kicked off the series with a course extension featuring nine new holes scattered around the site’s industrial zone that sits flush with a spectacular city backdrop.

The tournament and open play brought out around 80 disc golfers, including a state champion and players from as far as Brownsville and Oklahoma.

From noon to 10 p.m., we saw around 200 new faces either playing disc golf, listening to one of our three performances, or playing a game in the Biergarten. Neighbors trickled in to experience the new use of space and try some Azucar Ice Cream and Casa Masa’s tamales.

As the evening rolled on, we were joined by music buffs who were eager to hear the MarbriagoTrio perform after the weather canceled Symphony in the Park. Disc golfers, neighbors, and other friends sat listening under the Biergarten’s string lights as dusk set in over the course.


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