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Southside Bark Park


Dallas, TX



Dallas's Southside Bark Park accomplished two major things: 1. We gave our local dogs a fun place to jump through hoops, climb a fire-engine-red dog house ramp, take advantage of dog bathing station, and teeter on a baby blue seesaw, and 2. Had a trial run of our Better Block in a Box. Prior to our installment, the dog park sat relatively empty between apartment complexes with one or two notable features to draw pets and their owners into the space. Community leaders called us into the area to spruce up the park and provide ideas for a launch party. We offered them a demo of our Better Block in a Box package to celebrate the dog park's new features. Their team rented the box and used its contents to mark the space, with string lights, seating, games, and ultimately, a sense of place to provide their neighbors a fun, dog-friendly launch party.

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