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After School Activations in TBK Bank Plaza

Amanda Bagwell and Dylan Adams running a button-making stand and serving hot chocolate.

Since TBK Bank Plaza's launch in early November, our team has begun transitioning into its one-year plan of activations and continual crime-prevention studies and modifications. The colorful plaza is strategically placed in a reimaged parking lot that had previously been identified as a hub for criminal activities for over a decade. Every day, children used to pass through the parking lot while commuting between their schools on one end of the plaza and their apartments on the other. 

While the official programming schedule and plans will be directed by our new community manager beginning in late January, we've already begun activating the plaza with two small demonstrations designed to engage parents and children during their after-school commute. 

It was a blast opening up our shipping container's four windows and setting up shop for a quick pop-up. We brought out our sound system, playing Disney songs and a top 40 playlist to invite passersby to take advantage of little station. We brought out craft tables, set up a button-making station, arranged a take-home book library sponsored by Half Price Books, and warmed up some hot chocolate as the students began to trickle in. 

During the two pop-ups, we saw many familiar faces and had the opportunity to learn more about the kids. Some of the girls want to be artists, but don't have all of the tools and resources they need to pursue their dreams yet. Others love books and had specific requests, from picture books with puppies to nonfiction biographies. 

It was a great pleasure working with our talented volunteer team to make this all possible. If you're in Dallas, and would like to volunteer in or activate the plaza, please send us a note


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