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City of Dallas Assistant Planning Director Points to Oak Cliff Better Block and Number III in the WO

Andrea Grimes of the Dallas Observer reports on the going-ons of the City of Dallas Transportation and Environment committee yesterday

She quotes Peer Chacko saying, “We would like to learn from the experiences of the Better Block program.” This makes us here at Better Block headquarters 408 West Eight Street Dallas, TX very happy! Better Block was invented in Dallas and to have it be a part of the positive urban quality changes happening here gives us a smile and should encourage you to have your own in your town.

Chacko went on to describe the City’s pending Complete Streets Initiative,  “The big emphasis in this project as we move forward is what we hope will be a transition from taking a project by project approach,” says Chacko, “to a more pro-active approach and a fundamental shift in how we deal with this.” We love the emphasis on doing demonstration projects with these planning initiatives. this means you get to try before you buy this new bike friendly urbanism before you buy.

Better Block is a living charrette, where people experience the power of well designed people places. This past weekend we began plans for the third Oak Cliff. Any guesses on the location?


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