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CultureHouse: An Experiment in Cambridge

Last summer, we had the pleasure of having Aaron Greiner intern for us. He came in with a great aesthetic, fresh ideas, and an excitement for how design can positively influence the built environment. When he left, he said he wanted to continue the work. We said, yes, please.

The result is CultureHouse, which will be a place to hang out, meet people, create, and share skills. It will serve as an indoor public space and communal living room for the city of Cambridge.

Aaron and his co-conspirators, Alisha Pegan and adviser Jeff Goldenson, tested out the concept in December by creating a small installation with prompts for what the space should be, a photo opp, and a place to linger. You can read more about how the experiment went here. And look for more updates soon from Aaron/CultureHouse!


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