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Saying Thank You and Goodbye to Project Manager Colin Amos

Colin Amos, Better Block’s former project manager, served many roles while here, including ladder climber, site designer, heavy-object carrier, drone flyer, and folder organizer. But possibly one of his greatest achievements? Making 10/10 free throws on his last day during our Office Olympics, thus securing his prize of TSA pre-check.

Since he first joined our team, Colin was instrumental in the success of countless Better Block projects in many neighborhoods, including Copley Road, White Flint, Belmont, Kenmore, Barberton, Belmont, and many more throughout his three year span with us. He was key in facilitating projects by working with the community, applying relevant resources, balancing tricky budgets, and using his knowledge of placemaking to lead the revitalization of neighborhoods.

We admire Colin for his passion for urbanism and willingness to get his hands dirty. We are grateful for all of the ladders climbed, streets painted, problems solved, and all-around awesomeness that Colin provided for our team.  Colin plans to continue shaping built environments as a future landscape architect. We wish him lots of luck in his graduate program at USC.  


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