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The Exchange House’s First Two Years

In February 2017, the Exchange House opened as a public space that supports, empowers, and culturally enriches the North Hill community. It started as an idea to take a vacant, 100-year-old house, that once stood as a teacher supply store and then as a halfway home, and turn it into a multi-use space and international hostel. Since opening, we’ve seen countless visitors, neighbors, and community members as participants in classes, patients in health clinics, audience members at culture events, and Airbnb guests in our rooms. The first two years were focused on active listening, prototyping, and a lot of experimenting in order to shape the physical and social landscape of the Exchange House and The Backyard.

This year, we plan to open The House Next Door (more on that soon!). Again, we venture into the unknown of home renovations in order to create a built environment reflective of our community. The Exchange House Impact Report illustrates our first two years of activity through fun facts, bright photos, and intricate timelines. This is a presentation of our past in order to set the stage for our future.

And a huge thank you to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, without whom this project would have not been possible. We are forever grateful.


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