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Want to Learn How to Build a Better Block?

Team Better Block is now offering on-site workshops for your city!


What does Team Better Block do?

Team Better Block temporarily re-engineers and re-programs auto dominated, blighted, and underused urban areas into complete ones by working with cities, developers, and stakeholders to create quick, inexpensive, high-impact changes. Team Better Block uses pop-up shops to test the local economic development potential of streets re-engineered for walkability. Additionally, Team Better Block bolsters civic pride by enlisting the community in the build-out of the temporary installation.

Why are Team Better Block’s Temporary Rapid Revitalization Projects Important?

Although comprehensive planning projects are necessary for most property developments, the cost, scale and long-range timelines associated with these initiatives can often lead to a loss in project momentum and frustration or lack of confidence among area stakeholders and residents. In our projects we have seen improved acceptance by city engineers, planners, designers, and public safety officials of some of the most progressive measures in the urban street design toolbox. The Better Block approach has been used in over thirty cities from California to New York to illustrate rapid street changes and community revitalization. These cities have reported greater understanding and urgency by elected officials, leaders, and citizens for permanent change.

What will you learn in the Better Block workshop?

Introduction to Team Better Block approach How to re-engineer and re-program streets, sidewalks, properties, and spaces for safety, shared amenities, and Staying power How to rally stakeholders, community, and civic participation How to promote the demonstration through marketing, “shared” events, and social media How to file for proper permitting for the demonstration How to create teams and designate tasks efficiently and effectively How to survey public and private spaces of blighted or auto-centric blocks through “on site” visits How to design, build, and install temporary re-engineering and re-programming elements safely, economically, and efficiently through “hands on” demonstrations How to measure through a set of metrics and reports the successes and failures of the demonstration How to continue future efforts and take next steps for permanent change


Keynote Speaker $3000, plus travel expenses.  One hour speaking on the history and future of the better block.

Half-day Workshop $6,500, plus travel expenses. Program includes one hour introduction, one hour of improve building, one hour of how to build a better block, one hour of resource and talent identification. Attendees leave with one small action to make a better city and a database of people and resources to build their own better block.

Full-day Workshop $9,000, plus travel expenses Program includes all elements from half-day, a  walk about of a potential area and identification of better block elements. Three one hour of interactive design sessions for placemaking, programming and street design. Attendees leave with all the half-day items and a design document for their own better block.

Three-day Workshop $25,000, plus travel expenses Program includes all elements of half-day plus two days of building a better block. Attendees leave with the experience of building their own better block. measures of effectiveness and a guidebook to making the better block permanent.


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