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We’re Coming to a City Near You

Fall is one of our favorite seasons of the year: the weather cools off, the trees turn beautiful colors, we can eat pumpkin everything (sorry, we love it, we really do), and Better Blocks bloom all around the country.

This fall is no different. We have several projects coming up, and we need your help!

First, we have the Pop-Up Parkway in Euclid, Ohio, a vision for equitable, safe spaces for pedestrians, cyclicsts, and motorists. The event is September 15, but we’ll need your help to bring it to life. Go here to sign up for a timeslot.

Next, we have Park(ing) Day in Dallas. Park(ing) Day is a day where cities all over the country reimagine parking spots for people. We’re working on putting together our spot, and would love to see you! This is September 21 from 11 am to 6 pm downtown. To learn more, go here.

To elevate the conversation on creating safe, active, and vibrant streets in Toronto, we’re bringing together residents to spark positive change in their community with 8 80 Streets. We kick off the event this Thursday. (To register, go here.) Then bring it to life October 4-5. To learn more about how to volunteer, to program, or to participate as a vendor, go here.

Last week, we spent some time in Montgomery County, knocking on doors and catching up with the neighbors who are working to make White Flint Placemaking a reality. The event takes place October 13-14 with volunteer opportunities the week of. To learn more, go here.

We’re also working in Duluth on a Better Block that will take place the beginning of November. To learn more, go here.


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