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Wikiblock Meets Chattanooga, Tennessee

Beginning Monday, September 30th, four hundred and fifty placemaking activists gathered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to tour through the city and collaborate throughout the week, seeking inspiration and answers for revitalization projects occurring from Dallas to New Zeland.

Project for Public Spaces asked us to have our Better Block in a Box shipped out for the weekend to showcase our Wikiblock collection from the heart of Chattanooga at the newly renovated Miller Park. During the week, we hosted workshops that helped people grasp the idea of flat packing, stacking, and assembling pop-up furniture for transportable and robust public placemaking initiatives.

Two of our team members joined the conference and were pleased by the variety of conversations inspired by the Better Block in a Box, including inspired reviews from Canadian creators and thoughtful input from the local homeless population.

Throughout the week, we were continually inspired and supported by our fellow demonstrator, Ben Epperson, who specializes in the creation of natural playscapes. Down the steps from our pop-up plaza, Epperson’s Port-O-Park acted as an outdoor obstacle course, a maze for children to climb through, and a seating area for an outdoor movie.

Between the two of us, we were able to create a sense of place within Miller Park for conference participants and neighbors alike.

We are proud to say that our Better Block in a Box was a hit and more much Wikiblock furniture will be used for placemaking events from Hawaii to Philadelphia, possibly much farther.


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