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Study Tours

A two to four-day deep dive for city leaders, community activists, and corporate groups 

Our study tours are designed for participants to interact with vital public places and engage with their instigators. During these study tours, those who made a city's exceptional public places possible explain their success stories, answer questions, and lead tours through the parks, unique restaurants, restored movie theatres, and all other places that make their city great.

Why Do We Host Study Tours? 

  • As we continually adapt and grow to meet the needs of different neighborhoods, we believe it's vital to never end the learning process

  • Each city offers unique strengths that we can visit, record, and implement in our own cities

  • Attending panels and workshops opens the door to new connections with fellow activists worldwide​

  • Study tours inspire change through demonstration of what is possible, enhanced by the explanation of how it was done 

  • Immersive experiences in new places remind us of the power we have over our built environments 

Past Study Tours

Placemaking Study Tour- Dallas

2017 Dallas Study Tour

Copenhagen Study Tour

2016 Copenhagen Study Tour

Dallas tour

2019 Dallas Study Tour

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