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Slow Streets: KCMO and Dallas


Kansas City, MO, & Dallas, TX



We also recognize that traffic has greatly reduced on our residential streets just as trails and park usage has grown rapidly. So how can we rethink how people want to move? We partnered with Kansas City, MO Public Works department and Spin to add to KCMO’s Open Streets Program. The city created a network system of large streets that have been shut own to thru traffic for pedestrians, bikers, walkers, scooters, and joggers, and then they also streamlined their Neighborhood Open Streets Permit (basically, a block party permit without the party). These permits allow neighbors to shut their streets off to thru traffic. With Spin’s support, we created a guide that outlines design guides and implementation tips. We also provided cones, barricades, vests, tape, paint, and even a wayfinding structure so neighbors can take their Open Streets to the next level.


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