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Better Block at Focus North Texas Planning Symposium

A friend of mine recently said to me in reference to our current situation (recession/sustainability crisis/obesity…etc), “we are not going to think our way out this, we are going to love our way into something new.” I have for the past fifteen years attempted to quantify and convince my colleagues, clients, public meeting participants and leaders of the merits of  walkability. None of these attempts amount to fifteen minutes experienced in a Better Block. You gotta live it to love it in my opinion.

On January 28, 2011 the StreetSpace team will present the experience of the three Dallas Better Blocks to planners, leaders and officials from around North Texas. Come join us and learn techniques for hosting your own Better Block in 2011. We have already heard of organizers in Austin, Miami, Houston and Boston making plans for spring events. For information on the Symposium and to register visit the American Planning Association.


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