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Better Block Harvard

How do you change a city? One block at a time. How do you change an institutional body on knowledge? Start at the top! Better Block co-founder Andrew Howard, A.I.C.P. is going to Harvard for a ten month Loeb Fellowship at the Graduate School of Design (GSD). His time will be spent researching with the top minds in the U.S. on the changing planning process in America using the Better Block Method of rapid revitalization. Mixing with experts in affordable housing, crowd-sourced financing and innovative construction methods, Andrew will bring back more ways to take the Better Block from weekend experiment to permanent transformation.


Andrew, joins a network of over 400 fellow Loebs that are making the World a better place for all! Not too bad for a guy that thought he might go to jail for breaking zoning laws and painting streets illegally. In all seriousness, this is a perfect time to take some time to reflect on a career that he began in government working 7 years in long range transportation, then 7 years as a consultant at a top engineering firm and now having 4 years of personal business ownership testing the Better Block.


The time will also provide a breather for Jason to complete his long awaited book! He will continue speaking with the Lavin Agency and taking on select Better Block talks and workshops over the next year.

A big thank you to our community in Oak Cliff Texas that inspired this whole movement. The talent in this community made us want to share the message with everyone and we have found that every city has all the resources it needs to be great! We are looking forward to learning more about city building and broadening our message of rapid change to more people. Thank you!


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