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Creating a Park in a Box

In June of 2019, we partnered with The Trust for Public Land to transform a lot infested with mosquitos, old tires, and poison ivy into a clean and safe park for neighbors and students of South Oak Cliff High School to enjoy. Before we began our three days of work, neighbors had spent the previous 25 years petitioning for a local park. With enthusiasm, they joined us in raking mulch, building swings, and painting the abandoned tires to use as planters and bench support. When our work was complete, the pop-up park was a huge success with lots of smiling students, parents, and local leaders united through barbecue and live entertainment at the new park’s launch celebration. After the event, we began working with the Trust for Public Land’s team to create a similar mobile Park-in-a-Box for them to use. If done right, they could use the box to equip local public spaces with park infrastructure, instantly transforming the space into a pop-up park. 

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on a lime-green container complete with a unique shelving system, easy-lift windows, heating/cooling, a library of park elements, and a custom mural. Work is still underway, but we are excited to announce the project’s progress, and, sometime in the future, see The Trust for Public Land use this new box to create a series of pop-up parks all around town. 

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