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Data gathered from Macon Connects shows exponential increase in ridership and economic opportunities

8 80 Cities recently completed their report on our joint Macon Connects project that took place in September 2016 in Downtown Macon, Georgia. The project created over five miles of bike lanes connecting downtown, recreational trails, the university, and residential areas. Better Block led the prototyping and installation of the bike lanes, and 8 80 Cities led the community engagement process. This included surveys and sensors in the weeks before, during and after the project. Their finding are summarized in the attached report.

Bike sensors installed one month before bike lanes were painted showed an average of 23 daily riders throughout Downtown Macon. During the installation, which lasted seven days, the average increased to 217. 71% of residents and business owners surveyed said the would support making the bike infrastructure permanent, though a simpler design would be preferred (we tested multiple types of bicycle infrastructure during the project instead of sticking to one design).

68% of bike lane users saw or visited an area they typically didn’t, and 75% noticed new shops and amenities along their rout that they hadn’t seen before.

In addition to these highlights, the report includes all materials and volunteer hours it took to create the grid, feedback on specific bike lane styles, perceptions of safety throughout the project, and demographics on bike lane users.

View or download the full report here. 


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