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How to Build a Better Block, a Webinar for Planners, Advocates and Consultants

  1. What are the fundamental elements for making a Better Block successful?

  2. How do I reduce liability and ensure government acceptance of the event?

  3. How do I promote my event and get the word out.

  4. How do I keep the momentum after the Better Block and influence long-term changes?

May 4, 2011 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Central


  1. Amy Cowan, Communications Manager, Cowan Roberts LLP, Go Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX Amy will show how to partner your better block with an existing event to dramatically increase exposure and success.

  2. Jason Roberts, Creative Manager, Cowan Robert LLP, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX Jason will present the Better Block history and evolution as a motivator to organize a nationwide effort for revitalizing blighted areas.

  3. Andrew Howard, A.I.C.P., Project Manager, Andrew Howard LLC, The StreetSpace Collaborative, Dallas, TX Andrew will provide the perspective of the planning consultant working with communities in blighted areas.

Technical Details You will need internet access, a web browser and FLASH. Following purchase you will receive login details by e-mail.

$25 Non Profit

$35 Government

$45 Consultant


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