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Meet FD19’s Bus Stop Builders: CityLab High School

Peter Goldstein and his team of self-proclaimed “quirky but determined” students first engaged with the Better Block through its founder, Jason Roberts, when he came and spoke at their school. Since then, the students have worked with Better Block on a number of projects and learning efforts, eventually bringing them to FD19: Build a Better Bus Stop.

CityLab’s interest in the gray to green transition has inspired their participation in many community-based projects with goals similar to FD19. As students of the urban environment, CityLab believes they have something to offer in this competition, especially because the undertaking aligns with the school’s core values.

“We also really want to spread awareness,” says Carly, one of the CityLab students participating. The class continued her thought by explaining how they would like for drivers to be more aware of people on the streets, and their bus stop design could serve as a reminder. They also hope that displaying their work at our design competition can help spread awareness about their school and its mission.

Team CityLab began with over 20 designs to consider before narrowing it down to one final option that offers pleasant setting and an easily accessible entrance and exit. To increase effectiveness and practical assembly, CityLab’s bus stop is divided into two parts to address passenger comfort and also air quality control.

As their secret weapon, the class incorporated a unique element in their design that tackles particulate matter. The students are eager to display their research-based solution to this health concern at the FD19 competition.

Join us on May 4 from 6-9 pm in front of the Better Block’s Dallas office (700 West Davis) to enjoy music and vendors while watching the designers’ ideas come to life.

FD19 is made possible by the following sponsors: Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects, Downwinders at Risk, OmniPlan, Craig Schenkel Properties, 3Headed Monster, and Oddfellows.


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