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Mobile Food Vending in Dallas: Your Input Needed

As part of the MLK Food Park we're working on, we're also taking a look at the mobile food vending ordinance in Dallas. Originally, we wanted to expand the definition of "mobile." Our thought-process was that by doing this, we could address a few things: reduce barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, to support especially the smallest businesses, and create opportunity in underutilized spaces.

By creating permissive mobile vending regulation, these pop-up kitchens can thrive in all sorts of areas. They can especially benefit communities suffering from disinvestment or neighborhoods with an abundance of parking lots but no casual space to come together as a community.

We know that restauranteurs are struggling and small food vendors who would have set up at the State Fair missed out on a great deal of revenue. We also know that our city is full of creative, innovative, and resourceful people. Thus we formed a small task force to explore the issue, talk to vendors, research other cities, and bring forward recommendations to the Quality of Life Committee.

But we need to hear from you. There are three ways you can let us know your thoughts:

  1. Please take this survey. It can be anonymous, or you can add your name.

  2. We will host a virtual meeting in the next few weeks. Details coming soon.

  3. Email


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