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Murals, Donuts, Dogs, Oh My

One of the wonderful things about our headquarters is our landlord. He also happens to own the building of one of our favorite businesses just down the street in Dallas—Southern Maid Donuts. He recently showed us an empty wall on their building, and asked if we had any ideas.

While we work often on temporary murals on streets; we haven’t done a ton of murals on buildings. So, we partnered with Courtney Miles to come up with a wall that we think is not only beautiful but also a bit whimsical.

The second it was finished, I took my dogs out for what I thought would be the most-amazing photo shoot ever. All I wanted was for them to pose perfectly between each donut. All they wanted was a donut. None of us got what we wanted.

But perhaps you’ll have better luck? Stop by, grab a donut, then take a photo. Don’t forget to tag @betterblock in it.


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