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Six Teams Reimagine a Parking Space

In June, through a partnership with Spin, we launched an open call for designers, urbanists, architects, citizens, and anyone who cares about safe and livable streets, to design and build an on-street, life-size parklet prototype that blends the traditional parklet concept, bike corral, and bus shelter with scooter parking and placemaking. We received proposals from all around the world, from Dallas to Egypt, brimming with unique ideas to better use a parking space. It was difficult, but we narrowed the submissions down to six finalists to bring their designs to life on national Park(ing) Day in Denver, Colorado, on September 20. The finalists are: 

  • Dallas’ TBG Partners led by Linsey White focused on bringing order to the chaos of streets with their Charge, Rest, Go! parklet.

  •  Our second team is from California and created The Hive parklet, inspired by the beekeeping movement. It reflects on the relationship of urban living and nature. 

  • Hi My Name Is… was dreamed up by Dallas’ Rickey Crum and Gray Garmon in effort to create a story-telling space that facilitates open conversation with friends and strangers alike. 

  • University of Oregon alumni Bonnie Dominguez, Nick Meltzer, and Anya Dobrowolski have created ParkLIT, a lounging space that plays with sunlight with its LED lighting embedded throughout the parklet. 

  • Pedal! is an outdoor coffee bar geared to serve cyclists, pedestrians, and scooter riders during their commute. New Yorkers Jonathon Smith, Zachary Wignall, and Laura Rodriguez are the masterminds behind Pedal. 

  • Michael Schmidt and DuRon Netsell’s Urban Backyard seeks to bring neighbors together through the emphasis of nature and activity in a safe, leisurely space. 

We are eager to see how the designs come together and award a winner during national Park(ing) Day next month. Read more about the competition here.


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