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Tulsa Better Block! April 15

Tulsa is often called the doll house of Dallas due to its similarity in demographics (loosing population), struggle with suburbia, need for riverfront improvements and north/south social division. Like Dallas,  Tulsa also likes to invest in the big ticket items in an attempt to solve urban problems.

BOK Center lands in downtown Tulsa, thanks

The three Better Blocks in Dallas have proven that small investments, using light construction methods to transform streets and removing barriers to small business start-ups with bureaucracy free zones means economic development. We hope the same realization happens in Tulsa and smart projects like the Pearl Street drainage and livability improvements are expedited. My experience working in Tulsa as a transportation planner during the PlaniTulsa comprehensive planning  process revealed that Tulsa’s greatest asset are its people and the great neighborhoods that are just waiting for revitalization. Go Tulsa!

Check back for video and stories from the event!


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