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McKinney Custom Box and Prince George’s County Box


McKinney, TX



The McKinney container project is a great example of the type of project our team looks forward to the most: a fresh approach, an enthusiastic local partner, and at a site close to home! We find ourselves dabbling more and more in easily transportable, custom containers, and this was our most adventurous one yet! Creating a vivid container with the needs of a pedestrian- and family-friendly downtown in mind was a study in urban design, flexible use, and reminding ourselves of the things we loved playing with most as a kid. Featuring a mural from a local artist and a layout intended for everything from a ticket booth to a beer bar, the container challenged us to design a plan specific enough to be useful for the team but flexible enough to be used for a different purpose every few weeks. The project was a great success, in large part because of the enthusiasm and partnership from Amy and Downtown McKinney. Our favorite feature is without a doubt the whimsical ribbon tunnel!

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