Open sunrise to sunset, October 15th - November 14th


Live in the neighborhood? Passionate about placemaking? Have a skill and want to share? Sign up for a volunteer workshop or two and help us build, paint, and create as we turn pavement into a park. 


The park is a free public venue you can visit at any time. Visitors can view the public art murals, enjoy the community garden, or use the lawn and seating at any time. 


Local organizations, groups, and individuals are invited to use our free space for public or private events aligning with our mission.




Reclaimed space designed to bring people together. 

The Park at Forest-Audelia is a colorful and vibrant demonstration park located in North Dallas on a newly purchased piece of Dallas Parks property. Redesigned by the Better Block to improve safety and function, the pop-up park features sport courts, flex lawn space, shade, seating, a community garden, a play area for kids, and daily activities ranging from after-school programming to a weekend market featuring global cuisine and music. Pedestrian crosswalks stretch across the streets while planters and landscaping frame the space, making the plaza easily accessible and well-defined. Public seating can support over 150 guests and includes signature Better Block benches, outdoor bean bags, movable long tables, and café sets. A movable, flexible stage can support a full-sized band or a dance group. A series of string lights stretch across the plaza, creating a cozy and vibrant space to host your festivals, family events, outdoor celebrations, and concerts. 

Public art display options, outdoor gallery space

Murals of the world, food, and nature. Things we all share.

Daily activation means that no two days at the park will feel the same

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Park Background

The Park at Forest-Audelia was launched as a Project Safe Neighborhoods effort, employing concepts to promote safety and vibrancy. Alongside the Dallas Parks Department and a core team of dedicated community leaders, The Better Block Foundation designed the park to be a community oasis on the newly acquired piece of Parks property and aims to test concepts that can be brought forward into the long term vision for the space. 

The park is a tool, but the community engagement and activation is the heart of any grassroots project in a neighborhood. Join your neighbors and The Better Block team as we swing hammers, sling paint, and get dirt under our nails to build and program the space. Alternatively, join us during activations to help collect data, chat with nearby residents, and get the survey out. For those able, we also invite you out to help us tear down the space at the end of the month as we make room for the installation of the permanent park. 



COVID-19 Announcement

The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). We ask that whenever you visit the Plaza, please wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing. We have installed a couple hand sanitizer stations, and encourage you to use them.