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Meet FD19’s Bus Stop Builders: CultureHouse

CultureHouse began its work with a summer pop-up in Boston, Massachusetts. The pop-up acted as a free indoor space for people to gather for board games and trivia nights, conversations, community dinners, and live music. On less programmed days, CultureHouse’s pop-up “living room” was a place where anyone could comfortably spend time the way one would at a public park or coffee shop without the expectation of a purchase or fee. Ultimately, the design organization improved livability by creating public space.

A bus stop is one of those common public spaces that are often overlooked.

“We believe that public space and accessible transportation are vital to creating livable and just urban areas,” says Izzy Harrison, team member of CultureHouse. For FD19, CultureHouse has researched air-quality issues and believes they can apply their experience with digital fabrication to tackle the problem.

CultureHouse is eager to add the lessons from FD19 to their portfolio of learning experiences. By recording their lessons and methods, the team wants to empower others to create more public spaces to serve their own communities.

The CultureHouse team will be joining us all the way from Boston. Come meet them on May 4 from 6-9 pm in front of the Better Block’s Dallas office (700 West Davis) to enjoy music and vendors while watching the designers’ ideas come to life.

FD19 is made possible by the following sponsors: Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects, Downwinders at Risk, OmniPlan, Craig Schenkel Properties, 3Headed Monster, and Oddfellows.


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